Finance My Website

We understand the need for preserving start up capital when launching a new business. It is important to get the most for your marketing budget including web and mobile web apps solutions and realize returns as soon as possible. Through our web design, development, marketing expertise, business knowledge and new website financing Digit Art Designs Ltd. can bring value to your online presence quickly.

First impressions count for quite a bit and you don't get a second chance to make a first impression! Your website should be your most valuable marketing media.

A well designed and properly marketed website works 24-7, providing information, pre-selling customers, selling products, services and more.

Www including the mobile environment competition gets fiercer with every passing day. There is no good way to get the value you want for a start up business website or a website redesign and launch by taking shortcuts. A well designed Site will have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built in. Quality always speaks well, impressing potential Customers and Clients.

Our website financing plan

  • We require a 50% payment up front from the gross amount of the projects over $3,500 in value
  • The balance can be split over the term of the project or over 3, 6 months period.
  • Website financing is available to clients and would be hosted on Digit Art Designs Ltd. servers. After the balance being paid in full, the client can choose other hosting companies at their will.
  • All new website financing arrangements are made with an annual of 8% interest.
  • Taxes on all the prices would apply
  • All agreements are contracted for protection of both parties.
  • We reserve the right to freely grant or deny financing and to change our policy as necessary.

For a free quote, please click here and we will get back to you within next business day, helping you to get to the next level in World Wide Web.

Our Promise

We will strive to add maximum value for all of our clients. We have worked diligently at keeping our overhead down so that we can provide value at a reasonable price. We are in a marketing business because we love the entrepreneurial spirit; enjoy meeting innovative people and working to help our clients succeed in their endeavors.

Digit Art Designs Ltd. sincerely believes you will be pleased with our work ethic, quality delivered, our pricing and our 8% interest website financing plan.  For testimonials, please click here.