Real Estate Website Design

Having a Website Designed that appeals to all of your users is one of the hardest things to accomplish for a marketing company. Unlike mediums such as magazines or radio commercials, you don’t know anything about your demographic except that they’re looking for a property. Online advertising mediums like websites are a challenge because your demographic is so broad how do you appeal to everyone?

real estate website design development vancouver

We have the solution.

The one thing we’ve established is that they want to find a property. And this has to be easy for people that are not comfortable browsing and it has to be exciting for the savvy users. Every feature from our property search options to saving properties without logging in is built with this in mind. We’re confident that users prefer to browse our websites and we have the numbers prove it.

Built for a Purpose
Each website we build has three major purposes. It's functionality including the ability for users to find your site. Productivity to save you time and money on maintaining your site and it has to look good. All these have to be met to satisfy your online solution.

How Digit Art Designs helps small, medium and enterprise businesses

Digit Art Designs Ltd. specializes website design, development, designing and developing app for mobile devices from start up to big corporation using L.A.M.P , Cod Igniter as a PHP frame work or custom PHP development as well as designing marketing materials such as logos, brochure, signage and billboards.

The package will include website design and development, development and design for mobile web application, in a dynamic agile database website system driven by our own CMS developed in house which will help your organization to have a full control over the website content and website pages.

*Quote will be provided based on your requirements.

The summary of what you get for a small investment is outlined below.

  • Having a professional presence online
  • Maximizing your return on your app or website investment
  • Reducing app or web site maintenance cost to zero
  • Most important getting you noticed by your customers through our state of the art designs
  • Pushing your site for Search Engines within Apple Store or Google Play
  • Web based applications for iPhone, Android and Smart Phones including tablets
  • QR Codes related with mobile web applications, business cards...etc.
  • Get website reports with Google Analytics incorporated into your application free of charge
  • Post unlimited private or mls listings
  • Search active listings from the MLX database
  • 100% Real time Content Management System, easy to use, to update, add or edit unlimited website pages
  • Complementary SEO when the site become live
  • SEO on the go

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